Tya W.

Since she was old enough to know who the people that make homes were, Tya Winn has wanted to be an architect.  As a kid growing up on Chicago’s South Side she saw how neighborhoods create a sense of place and culture for the community, and how that changes with respect to the development and architecture within. A couple decades, an architecture degree alongside an urban design degree, and lots of drawings later; that is still precisely what she wants to be when she grows up.   Professionally she is dedicated to changing the way cities are designed and operated, focused on the urban fabric of inner city communities and finding ways to use design to uplift, restore and re-brand these communities and their identities.

As a connoisseur of culture, Tya is interested in all types of design and arts from independent films to finger painting, as well as, how to inspire and involve people of all ages in its experience. She first came up with the idea that eventually became All Black Everything as a third year architecture student to give students of color some inspiration that reflected their backgrounds.  Now she looks forward to bringing it to life from inside her crazy, creative mind!

Follow her on twitter: @DesignedWinn


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