Deanna J.

At a very young age Deanna took strongly to the arts; constantly drawing, cutting, pasting and creating at every chance she found. Her love for home improvement became apparent when opting for Legos and episodes of ‘This Old House’ over Barbie and Easy Bake Oven. After attending a seminar on hospitality design in New York City; her path toward Interior design had been solidified. She explored the imaginative environments created throughout each locale and the process that went into making them a reality to create her own concept for a boutique hotel, which she used to win their design competition.

Deanna is currently pursuing her BFA in Interior Design from New York School of Interior Design in New York City. As a design student, Deanna aspires to express the passion and fascination she holds for Interior Design; exposing others to the possibilities of the world around them, through her own sophisticated visual approach.

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