About Us

The concept behind our blog is the brainchild of Tya W. ; conceived while hard-pressed to find black designers represented within her university’s curriculum. Deeply bothered, Tya felt the need to find a way to give students, like herself, some inspiration that reflected their culture and backgrounds. A couple of years down the line those feelings resurfaced during a conversation with Deanna J., who was going through a similar predicament. Together, they have built upon their original ideas to develop All Black Everything; bringing fellow students, young designers and professionals the best in our culture’s past, present and YOU, the future of art & design.

Many heated conversations, a little Jay w/ a pinch of ‘Ye, accompanied the initial heart to heart between Tya and Deanna that semester and the name All Black Everything was born, although, the inspiration behind the name does extends just a bit further. Let us shed light on the multi-faceted portrait of A.B.E… In juxtaposition to the impression we have that ALL artists wear black, the unofficial uniform worn to avoid competition with the true star, the artwork; we have also used the definition of the word black in a variety of ways to reflect our vision.

  • Black: noun \’blak\- objects that do not emit or reflect light in any part of the visible spectrum; that which absorbs all such frequencies.

-A.B.E. wants to bring underrepresented black artists & designers to the forefront; to share the knowledge they have acquired through their own experience in the art & design world with you, our reader.

  • Black: verb \’blak\- to make black.

-We aren’t trying to do like Kirk Lazarus, but we do want to extend our ‘blackness’, our culture, with anyone who is willing to receive it.

As design students and lovers of art in all its forms, we write for those like us. So that they can see others, like themselves, who not only make it in this crazy world, but are making a difference. And are continuing to do so through All Black Everything

Black is the color of authority. Black is the color of the ‘life giving soil’. Black IS beauty.


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