K is for…


Knight is best known as the fan favorite from Season 3 of the hit show Project Runway, but that won’t be the last of him. He launched his self named fashion line in 2007 at BET’s Rip the Runway, which was described by many critics as hip hop chic. In 2008, he followed that with Kitty & Dick (check this link for pics… but we are trying to keep this PG), a male and female lingerie line and his signature fragrance MAJK. MAJK is a unisex fragrance conceptualized by the designer himself, and is currently available for sale on his website. This guy is definitely on the move… something this former military brat is more than prepared for.

Knights unisex fragrance MAJK.

Knight in inspiring for his tenacity and his humbleness in the face of all the publicity. We all know he was a prominent contestant on Season 3 of the acclaimed tv show, but most people do not know that he auditioned and was rejected for season 1. He didn’t give up, kept working and tried again. We are luck for his success that time. Knight had also been creating fashion lines for years, starting off in college making costumes for his peers. Eventually, this grew to include prom dresses, costumes, and other stage regalia around Atlanta. For those, who may scoff at some of choices in clients… his plan seems to have worked. He is now on the verge of being a household name.

Knight's Ready to Wear design for Project Runway's 2007 show at NYFW.

Model in Knight's collection for BET's Rip the Runway.

His name has been repeated throughout the Atlanta fashionista scene over the past few years, with many trying to make the claim that the city will be the next big thing in fashion. His designs have graced the red carpet (he calls it autographing ladies) being beautifully showcased by Tweet, Toni Braxton, and Ms. Keri Baby herself often featuring bright color and classy silhouettes that are still fun and flirty.

Braxton on the red carpet in a Knight design.

After making his official debut last year, things have been relatively quiet, with Knight’s name generally popping up on the Internet for his public appearances. Hopefully that means he has been hiding away creating something great! His Winter 2012 line is slated to debut this month (hopefully he will be making some Fashion Week appearances this week… keep your eyes open). Until then get your dose of his creative designs at his website www.mychaelknight.com.


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