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This inspiring woman has been a strong proponent for sustainability and community development since she burst on the scene as the founder of Sustainable South Bronx in 2001. Over a decade she is one of the leading voices in the green movement, gaining the moniker “Green Power Broker” from the New York Times. Known for coining the phrase “Green the Ghetto”, Carter’s efforts have been at lobbying policies to increase green jobs and provide green job training in the communities that need them most. Her initiatives have been aimed at improving the quality of life in the most under-served neighborhoods.

Roof Garden in the Bronx.

Under her leadership, SSBX increased much needed public green space in the Hunts Point area of the borough. Carter also led the opposition of the addition of a solid waste plant to the South Bronx area, and advocated and fund raised for the design and implementation for a greenway along the waterfront instead. The organization also publicized a green roof campaign, which Carter publicized at TED talks and many other media outlets and championed community education. It also earned Ms. Carter that ever so coveted McArthur Genius Grant.

Community worker gardening at SSBX project.

In 2008, she left SSBX to start the Majora Carter Group, a consulting firm that specializes in urban revitalization strategies. She also hosts the popular public radio show, The Promised Land, which recently won the prestigious Peabody Award. Next on her agenda, tackling the food industry, looking to start a national brand of locally grown produce. She has a vision for a better, healthier future that will change the way we all live.  To hear ideas from the visionary herself, check the link at the bottom to the video from her TED Talk… it is well worth the listen!

Hunts Point Park after SSBX intervention.



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