Sister to Sister: Michelle Obama & Tracy Reese

Many cities across the country have seen better skies and weather in the past few weeks. I for one was happy to spend my walk to work sans jacket, trendy frozen drink in hand as I wandered through a park. Spring is upon us my friends. Here comes the season where we shed those unwanted down jackets and stop hiding under layers and layers of pants. For both men and women worldwide Spring brings the promise of everyone’s favorite fashion trends: dresses, skirts, and open toed shoes. Easter Sunday typically brings us our first taste of spring colors and hemlines, and as expected, our First Lady came running out the gates with a winner!

Mrs. Obama donned a bright floral dress for the White House Easter Egg Roll. She looked stunning in yellow, ushering in the new citrus hued trend for this spring. In the black community, Easter is your time to shine in your Sunday best. Everyone was dressed to the nines this weekend and I was delighted that Michelle chose a piece by the talented Tracy Reese. As we all have read and heard by now, many people in the community have accused the First Lady of not supporting black designers. Despite the naysayers, I love the relationship between Reese and Obama. Every time Mrs. Obama wears one of Tracy Reese’s designs she looks absolutely stunning. Michelle also donned a red, tribal print frock by Reese on a recent visit to Brazil, ushering the spring trend for tribal patterns and earthier, rusted colors.

In the past, Michelle has rocked Reese on the cover of people magazine at on state visits abroad. Reese who is always playful with print and colors is a great choice for the first lady to look chic and fashion forward while still tasteful in styling and cut. The colors and prints Tracy uses in her creations also always seem to pop against us browner toned. In the fashion world, Tracy Reese is best known for her dress designs that complement a range of body types season after season.

Reese is one of the best-known black women in the industry for over the last decade since she launched her brand in 1998. Tracy was born in Detroit and attended Parson’s University, where she graduated with an accelerated degree. She went on to work in fashion for noted icons such as Perry Ellis. She now heads her own house and sits on the CFDA Board of Directors. You can see more of her designs and shop her collection here: Tracy Reese.

Spring and Fall 2011 Collection from Tracey Reese NYC

Ushering in the spring trends, I was excited by many of the items in Tracy’s vision for Spring 2011. Looking forward towards the fall, I know her Fall Collection will be a hit when the weather cools and I for one will be trying to get my hands on this purple skirt! As for our leading lady, I look forward to more sightings of Mrs. Obama in Reese’s gorgeous designs. And I for one, still wish Tracey’s inaugural designs had made it fruition, even if for another occasion. Michelle would have been stunning in that blue trench coat….

One thing for sure, we are sure to have many more great fashion moments to come from both of these amazing black women!


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