Storyboard Meeting: Corey Turner

Corey Turner

Meet Corey Turner, Sony Pictures Imageworks’ Stereoscopic Supervisor for the production of Transformers: Dark of the Moon

I can never forget waking up at the crack of dawn to prepare for school as a child. My brother and I, literally, having to throw ourselves out of bed; then race each other to the shower. Quite a traumatic experience and maybe a little dramatic… maybe. Either way, neither of us were too thrilled about it. Our only solace, weekday morning cartoons; more specifically Transformers: Beast Wars. Looking back, those episodes are faint, jumbled images of my past that I had almost forgotten completely; until the inauguration of the animated series to live-action, in 2007.

Director Michael Bay introduced a new generation to the entertainment franchise, expanding on the original back story of the Autobots and the Decpeticons. Samuel James Witwicky a.k.a ladiesman217, a 17 year old in search of a girlfriend and a car is added to the brew. ‘Sam’, upon purchasing a used Camaro (BumbleBee- an Autobot), gets swept up in a civil-war between the rival alien robots. With the release of now the third installment of the Transformers (film) series and a 3D release; I began to wonder, “Who are the geniuses who bring to “life” these alien robots?”

Corey Turner, is one such genius with over 17 years of experience combined, in both television and film.

In recent years, with advancements in cinematics and digital imaging, studios can enhance the illusion of depth. By using two cameras, during filming, stereographers can create the perception of three dimensional space. Chicken Little, Walt Disney Pictures’ first CGI film, was also the first to team up with RealD. Following their success, the 3D revolution began. Learn more about the role of a stereographer and stereoscopy, as Corey explains how it works in Alice In Wonderland (2010).


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